Monday, February 14, 2011


Day 1 – A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was.

Well, it is only 11... but hey, I can still tell you about my day, right?

I woke up to Alexis of course. She is my alarm clock and she is set to 7:20 AM. It's pretty amazing how consistant she is. Our routine lately from when she wakes up is I make her a bottle, put her in my bed next to me, she eats and we both eventually fall back asleep. Which I did. Usually I'll get up and get ready while she sleeps, but I was tired so, no did not happen. So, yeah, no shower today... hoodie, hair in a pony tail. It's MONDAY!

Alexis is wearing her sweater I knitted for her when I was pregnant. It's pink of course, so appropriate for Valentine's day. I'm a little sad because I was really trying to get a dress done I've been knitting FOREVER for her to wear today. But... it's not done. :(
We did full on pig tails with her side hair included today. FIRST TIME. Usually she gets two pig tails on top with her top hair. These pig tails look cute but include her hair that covers the bald spots so she has her pig tails, baldness, and then her mullet hair. :) I promise, it is cute!
Getting Alexis is really a joy for me. I love dressing her and doing her hair.

Monday's Alexis goes to Carolyns. Going to Herriman makes my commute even worst, but I'm glad she gets to spend time with the Ray's and I really appreicate the help!

I have learned to put an audio book in my car, so that helps. Currently I'm listening to Unwind. It's pretty good... If you liked Hunger Games you'd like it.
But I didn't really listen to it today since my hubby called me and I got to talk to him this morning. :)

Wow, I think I go into way too much detail on these blogs!
Lol, well now I'm at work... and work is uneventful. I may be able to turn a couple hours at home this morning into 4 paragraphs, but pretty sure even if I tried terribly, my whole day at work would amount to a 2 sentences.

Well, until tommorrow!


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T'nT said...

haha. Sorry about the photo... but I don't really care to fix it :)