Saturday, September 12, 2009

Its baby season!

Well, I hope the title of the blog got a little bit of a reaction from you, but no, not us!
Today we went to the Hogle zoo, something we do atleas 2 times a year, but today was an extra great day! It was a little crowded due to the amazing weather today and every one was just as excited to see-- The baby elephant!!! Its so dang cute!

They also had a baby giraffe, super cute as well, but hard to get a good picture of!
Oops... I should have flipped that.. sorry..
There were also baby mirror cats, baby snow leopards, and baby tigers (but we didn't see them). Lots of cute babies at the zoo!
We had a fun day, Emma, Todd, Amanda, Mac, and I.

My candy shop

About a month ago, I went to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for my first time..
Became addicted to their delicious, fancy carameled apples.
SO after spending $15 in 3 days on 3 apples I decided I'd better just learn to make them myself. I researched all day at work and watched many intsructional videos until I was sure I could make master pieces just like the candy store. Well, I invited my good friend Hayley over to help me and I'm very thankful for her help! It was a lot harder then I expected.. and they didn't look "exactly" like the ones at rocky mountain, but they were still good and quite an adventure.

Home Sweet Home

I know, I know, I'm not good at blogging! We've been in our townhouse since the beginning of July, but here it is mid-september and I'm blogging about it.
We are really happy to finally be in and settled! We love our house and feel incredibly lucky to have it.
Our townhouse is located at the north end of Daybreak very close to the lake.
This is what we love about our townhouse:
#1- Its ours! It feels great not having to deal with landlords.... until something breaks.. then I might be wanting the landlord back.. :)
#2- The location. I really do enjoy being close to family and in a nice area. We love our family so when its a a 5 or 15 minute drive, it makes it easier to see them more often. The area is definitly better then our old apartments where there were cars broken in to about every night.
#3- Its daybreak. We absolutley love Daybreak. It is definitly a different community, but we love it. When we were first looking at houses Todd wanted nothing to do with Daybreak.. It took about 1 visit to change his mind completely. I'm glad he loves it as much as me. We've taken advantage of the ammenities Daybreak provides with many kayaking trips, swimming and baking on the beach, the gym (ok, really I've only gone 2x, but I did like it!), fishing, and especially our strolls around the lake.
#4- Style of our house. Our townhouse is very modern. Not everyone loves the edgyness and prefer traditional, but not us. The last thing we wanted was what everyone else had... We tried to be as different from the typical tans and browns most homes are these days. It was a lot of fun picking everything out too!
#5- (todd's) THE GARAGE.