Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Building a House

Well, I never blog and I can explain why- I don't have anyone to blog for! I don't have many friends with blogs and everyone that I am friends with on my blog I talk to.. So if you're reading this you've probably heard everything I'm going to write before... BUT I am so bored today at work, I'm not doing this not really for you, but for my sanity.

So, the biggest thing going on in our lives is the townhouse thats under construction. We're so excited about it, we drive by it atleast a couple times a week. Its still only framed... I really wish those people would build faster! Supposedly it will be done the end of June.

Its been a lot of fun picking out the flooring, cabinets, paint, etc. but I worry a lot about if everything will look good together. I'm not good at this decortating stuff and can think of a million peoople who could do this better!

For now though, we just wait. Wait and wait and think/worry about everything that could happen.

One of the real selling parts about this is where its located. Its in South Jordan in the Daybreak community. I love South Jordan of course because I grew up there. I used to hate daybreak, it is a little bit of a quirky community, but now thats what I love about it. Lots of bright colored houses, tons of community parks, etc.

I think for our first house this townhouse couldn't be more perfect for us. We're really excited!

This is a picture of what they'll be close to looking like. Definitly different, I'll admit I didn't really like them a lot at first. They're very modern, inside is very open with a lot of light. That's what I fell in love with.