Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Being Prego

Well, its time to make the blog announcement.... We're pregnant!
We are very excited and even though it wasn't expected, we couldn't be any happier!
So far everything is going really well. We had our first appointment on Jan 13th with Dr. Gravale at the new IHC in Murray.
I will never forget what it was like when they put the little wand thing on my belly and wah la-- baby! I was starting to wonder if I really was even pregnant... so it was a good feeling to see the proof, there is a baby in there! And of course the heart beat. When we very first found out we were pregnant it was more scary and confusing then anything the first day, but by day 2 I was reading about what the baby looks like/how developed it was and I read that this week the baby's heart was beating. My baby has a heart! I started crying and from the moment I haven't been scared or confused, just totally in love with this baby.
Anyway, doctor said everything looks great... did call my baby stubborn (it didn't want to move to give us a better picture) which just made me realize I will be a very protective mother since that made me a little mad. The first thing said about my baby is that its stubborn! :)

Trying to resist, but yes there are already a few outfits for the baby. I've bought girl and boy outfits, there are so many babies coming this summer I figure they will work for someone.
Which brings another point. Baby will have two (second?) cousins, two of todd's uncles are having babies. And my cousin Holly is having a baby in August. So that will be the babies... 2nd cousin. right? If anything this baby has some confusing relatives (as in how they are related).
Baby will have 11 cousins, 3 grandmas, 3 grandpas, 5 great grandmas, 3 great grandpas, and 2 great great grandmas. And not to forget all the aunts, uncles, great aunts, great uncles, and all the other relatives. This baby will be very loved!

Well still fitting in my clothes, but they are feeling tight.
I have found a few benefits in being pregnant:
1- people are so nice to you! At the doctors office everyone just wants to talk to you and know all about you. thats never happened before... especially at a doctors office.... can you imagine? Why are you here today? Cough? rash? Lets talk about that! :) But seriously nurses, other patients, doctors, they are all very nice to you.
2- There's all of a sudden this excuse for being forgetful! And people excuse me automatically BECAUSE I'M PREGNANT. I don't want this to end, its all of a sudden acceptable to be forgetful. I just don't want to ruin it and tell me people, no I was forgetful before.
3- I can go to bed early! I am such a bed bug... its not my fault I grew up in a bread man household where we all went to bed by nine. I grew up this way and can't break free of it. I like to go to bed early! So now, I really don't even try to stay up late. We've had company over and if its late, I will excuse myself and go to bed! :)
4- I've learned to relax. I used to never be able to just lay in bed for no reason and watch my tv shows. Now I can! I don't know if its the fact that I know I will lose this opportunity for good soon or if my bodies just more tired, but I've been a little lazy. Right now is a good example. There are dirty dishes down stairs, but nope I'm watching my One Tree Hill. I'm on season 3 by the way, soon to be on 4.
5- I love to be able to think about having a precious little baby that is part me and part Todd. I'm very excited to meet little Alexis or Cohen and to just cuddle this little baby and smother it in kisses!

Can't wait until July 18th to meet you little baby!