Wednesday, October 22, 2008


We just got back from a week cruise in Mexico! It was tons of fun, even worth blogging about. :) The Cruise was on the Carnival Pride. We had a group of about 50 people. I probably didn't know half of those people the first day, but we were able to get to know a lot of them and had a lot of fun with them!

This isn't our cruise boat, but the our hotel for the first night. This is the Queen Mary which is docked in longbeach as a mueseum/hotel. Todd really enjoyed learning about the intersting history and touring it. I was a little more hesitant because it is haunted! There definitly was an eerie feeling there, but I didn't see any ghosts!

After going through a million lines and security points, we boarded our cruise ship! Everyone I know who goes on a cruise talks about the food, now I know why. It's nice having people prepare and serve gournment food to you everyday. Dinners were our favorite, eating prime rib, steaks, or pretty much anything else we want isn't too bad.....

Our first stop was in Puerto Vallerta. We took a jungle tour/hike which was really neat. Hiking in a tropical jungle is definitly something I've never done before. We saw a lot of neat things like a baby boa constrictor, huge spider webs, beautiful butterflys, and millions of diffrent plants.

Our second voyage was to Mazatlan where we took a bus tour of the city and then enjoyed the huge waves at the beach. It was a lot of fun and a neat place, but for some reason we didn't take any pictures there.
This is Cabo!! The place we were most excited for and we were right! Cabo was by far my favorite. The water was so clear and pretty. We took a glass bottom boat toar where we saw huge tropical fish, sea lions, beautiful scenery, and were dropped off at lovers beach where we swam and snorkeled a little.
It was a ton of fun, but it's really nice to be home!