Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Italian at heart

We still love our house and have really enjoyed getting to know our neighbors. We have become really good friends with our neighbors two doors down Casey and Anna. Casey is almost Todd's twin, so they get a long great and Anna is not like my twin so we get along great as well... for some reason I don't do well with people who are too much like myself. Anyway, the thing we do most with these two is eat! Cooking for two is often pointless.. so we invite them over and they invite us. Casey is a really awesome chef. Anna is too and makes delicious authentic Mexican food. So from knowing these two, I have been introduced to many new things. And just so its clear, I am still a whimp and can NOT eat chiles. I tried so hard though!

More recently we all went on an adventure to an authentic Italian grocery store. It was so fun, and it inspired us to make gnnochi. Todd's great grandma Richards was Italian, so he grew up eating many authentic Italian dishes. So, we took a whole day and the 4 of us turned my little kitchen into a gnnochi making factory. We all had a position, either mixing, rolling, cutting, or marking the dough. It was a lot of fun and in the end we had bags and bags of gnnochi to freeze for later days.

Our next adventure is going to be pizza... completely homemade of course. We've also found recipes for pumpkin gnnochi and spinach gnnochi which I'm really excited about. I love my gnnochi!