Thursday, December 23, 2010

Alexis Update

Well, I must say, I am a horrible blogger. Sorry. (possiby a new years resolution?)
So much has happened in the past 5 months...
Alexis Alexis Alexis. She is definitly an amazing little girl that we adore. She has been so fun and I cherish (atleast try to) every moment with her. I cannot picture a happy life without this girl. Seriously, can't get over how much I love her.
Right now she thinks she wants to learn to crawl. She sticks her butt in the air and pushes off with her legs. The first time she did this I started to cry. But then two minutes later I put toys in front of her to motivate her... such a confusing emotion. It's sad that she's growing up, but it's so exciting and fun too. She is definitly mobile though. She rolls and can spin around on her belly.
We're attempting rice cereal... but not successful. She doesn't seem ready, she has no interest, so I try not to push it. Her daddy loves to share his food with her though. She does ok with that, so maybe she just hates rice cereal? I don't blame her... :)